Society for Animation Studies annual conference, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK 2015


Wow. What a brilliant few days. Here are a few of the drawings I made during some of the excellent presentations and keynotes.


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La sinergia en las series de animación

Comunicación y narrativa transmedia

Dentro del marketing empresarial existe una palabra mágica que determina la capacidad de un producto para crear movimientos dinámicos positivos que favorezcan los objetivos de una empresa respecto de ese producto. Esta palabra es sinergia.

En La comunicación realizada durante el I Congreso de Comunicación Infantil, junto a I. Berlanga, y publicada por Icono14, exponía un gráfico que hablaba de estas dinámicas en la producción de series infantiles de televisión. Esta comunicación está basada en un trabajo más amplio y puede ser considerada como la antesala de este.

Fuente: Elaboración propia Fuente: Elaboración propia

En dicho artículo exponíamos, mediante el análisis de las prácticas habituales en la producción de animación, algunas características de la misma que coinciden con la arquitectura de universos narrativos transmedia. Para exponer nuestras tesis iniciales utilizábamos el caso de Heidi, recopilando brevemente el camino seguido por este longevo producto cultural. Podéis leer la comunicación completa en…

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‘Sensory Overload’ by Miguel Jiron



This is an interesting short piece that visualises one of the things that many people with Autism experience. It’s part of a bigger trans media project attached to research about Autism called ‘Interacting with Autism Project’ More info below:

Some people with autism have difficulty processing intense, multiple sensory experiences at once. This animation gives the viewer a glimpse into sensory overload, and how often our sensory experiences intertwine in everyday life.

Created as part of Mark Jonathan Harris’ and Marhsa Kinder’s “Interacting with Autism.” Coming in January 1st 2013, IWA is a three-year transmedia project funded by the federal Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ). University Professor Marsha Kinder, the Executive Director of the Labyrinth Project at USC, and Mark Harris are heading a team of filmmakers and artists working to build an interactive, video intensive website that will focus on the best available treatments for autism.

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Anidox Residency – call for submissions


ANIDOX residency open for applications, deadline 28th November. They are looking for Animated Documentary ideas.

Do you have an animated documentary short film in development? Is it ready to go into production early 2015? If you have the motivation, the skills, and the film idea, The Animation Workshop has the means to make it come alive!

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‘Children of the Holocaust’ by Fettle Animation



We are pleased to be sharing the latest news from Fettle Animation about their animated documentary series ‘Children of the Holocaust’ created for broadcast with BBC Learning  and the Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association.

The series is based on interviews with World War 2 Holocaust Survivors, and will form a resource on the BBC Learning Zone for 13 and 14 year school children learning about the Holocaust as part of their studies in History, Citizenship and Religious Education.

Ruth Rogoff 01 c Fettle Animation

The series has already been broadcast and has had further broadcast dates planned – the latest will be on the 15th October at 4am on BBC2. It is being screened as part of the BBC’s teachers TV service in the morning and will be on BBC I Player all week.

The trailer does a great job of showing how animation can be used to discuss a serious and possibly scary subject for a…

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