‘Chris the Swiss’ by Anja Kofmel



Directed by Anja Kofmel and screened during Cannes International Critics Week in 2018, this feature length documentary ,which fuses a mix of live action, archive and animation, is a remarkable investigation into the death of war journalist Chris, Kofmel’s late cousin.

This personal story, rich with emotion explains how the death of Kofmel’s cousin has impacted her entire life. Chris travelled to the Croatian War of Independence in the 90’s, and much of the film is set in and around Zagreb. Kofmel appears herself in the film both as a child in animated form and as an adult in live action. We see her visit the places Chris had been, such as hotels and battle grounds and talk to the people he met, such as fellow journalists and ‘soldiers’, in an attempt to discover why and how he died. I thought the inclusion of the animation production process as part…

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‘A Conversation with Haris’ by Sheila Sofian



A young Bosnian immigrant recounts his experience with war, illustrated in painting-on-glass animation.

The Paint on glass technique used in this film is a great example of what this technique can do. We are visually drawn, pulled, pushed, washed and wiped through the memories of a young boy as he recounts his experience of war. His memories dissolve and reconstruct as we travel seamlessly through time and space in a seemingly endless wave of images, which commands our interest.

The Directors voice can be heard asking direct, probing questions, which results in some unsettling honest answers, accounts of brutality and murder of Haris’s family members, it’s hard listening coming from such a young boy and reminds us of the strength animated documentary can poses in giving voices to those that we dont always get to hear. This is an important film.

We were very lucky to collaborate with Sheila for the…

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Abidjan to Gare du Nord: Alpha, an immigration graphic novel – in pictures


‘Private Parts’ by Anna Ginsburg (NSFW)


Anna Gainsburg’s snappy animated documentary, Private Parts, sidesteps social taboo by presenting frank and funny discussions about sex, with particular focus placed on the female anatomy.   

 Commissioned by Channel 4’s Random Acts, in partnership with It’s Nice That, Anna Gainsburg felt compelled to address the lack of attention given to carnal gratification when female sexuality is depicted in our society: “Conversations I’ve had with close female and male friends over the last decade have shed light on the continuing struggle that women have to engage with and love their own bodies, and to access the sexual pleasure they are capable of… I’ve been exposed to ‘dick drawings’ since primary school but have rarely, if ever, seen a vagina visualised other than in a clinical medical context. So I thought that talking to men and women about vaginas, masturbation and pubic hair – and…

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Et convidem al Creative Juice Seminar, taller de concept art i disseny amb artistes internacionals

19 i 20 de maig de 2016
Sala d’Actes del CPAC (c/ Casp, 130. 08013 Barcelona)

Aprofita aquesta oportunitat única de parlar amb els principals artistes internacionals de videojocs, cinema i tv en aquestes jornades organitzades pel festival d’animació NonStop Film Festival, amb la col·laboració del CPAC. Dos dies on podrem aprendre de la mà dels artistes de Disney, World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Sesame Street i molts més.


Es tracta d’una sèrie de classes magistrals d’Artistes Internacionals (Artistes conceptuals) de la indústria d’entreteniment (Cinema, televisió i videojocs) que treballen per al mercat nord-americà principalment i per expansió al voltant del món.

Els artistes són: Anthony Jones, Donen Luvisi, Kalen Chock, John Polidora, Gerald Parel, Maki Planas

Entre els seus clients es troben empreses i projectes tan variats com: ILM,
Disney, Fox, Universal, Blizzard (World of Warcraft), Microsoft, Star Wars, Sesame Street, DC Comics i molts més.

L’última sessió del dia és la revisió de portfolios un a un, on els artistes convidats s’entrevisten personalment amb els assistents, i tancarem la jornada amb un espai de Networking obert i lliure perquè els assistents tant al seminari com altres professionals i empreses puguin fer contactes professionals.